The NEW definition of Aged Beef

Cream Co. organic, pasture-raised Holsteins enjoy long, happy lives on family-owned, humane-certified ranches in the Central Valley. 80% of the cows' diet comes from the pasture they call home. 20% is a mix of nutrition-balancing organic grains. This combination delivers the best of grass and grain-fed flavor profiles. 

Quality, transparency, artistry 

Meat is Cream Co.'s craft and passion. From genetics and diet to harvest and butchery, they believe caring yields flavor out. They are committed to the art of whole animal utilization. Cream Co. ranching partners maintain rigorous third-party certifications and undergo regular auditing to ensure the most transparent, humane, and sustainable husbandry practices remain in effect year round. 

The Calibur Burger

The Calibur Burger is an organic custom whole muscle blend of chuck, round, and brisket. It is hand-cut fresh weekly and ground in-house daily. The artisanal handling of organic, grass-fed, Cream Co. beef, yields the tastiest and juiciest burger we can create. 


City Baking Co. 

City Baking is a wholesale bakery that offers a range of irresistible baked goods delivered fresh, every day throughout Northern California. Every single one of our products is hand made daily by our experienced bakers. We make it our priority to work closely with you in order to meet your needs without sacrificing the quality or the taste that keeps your customers asking for more.


Berkeley Farms

Berkeley Farms has grown to become Northern California's most popular dairy brand. For the last 100 years, we've been dedicated to making superior-quality dairy products for California's families. 

Calibur proudly serves Berkeley Farms' milk and soft serve ice cream. 


Kael Foods

Kael Foods is a dairy wholesale distributor that has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1930. Our company is committed to providing quality in all aspects of our business. We carry top of the line products, supplied by market leaders such as Berkeley Farms, Odwalla & California Fresh Eggs. We proudly support many local vendors, which allow us to ensure our commitment to serving nothing but the freshest products. We are confident that the breadth of our product list will suit any business with dairy needs.